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The Centre

Paws 2 Water Hydrotherapy Specialists is run by a qualified and experienced team of specialists in dog hydrotherapy and physiotherapy. We provide tailor-made rehabilitation and fitness programmes and are the first INDEPENDENT aquatic treadmill centre in North Wales.

Hydrotherapy means "water therapy" and has been proven to significantly aid in the rehabilitation of many conditions and/ or surgical procedures.

We aim to provide treatment to dogs recovering from injury, operation or suffering from an ongoing conditions.

This is achieved using specialised and individual hydrotherapy techniques with an underwater treadmill.

We can also create weight management programmes, providing low impact, low weight bearing environment to support over loaded limbs and improve cardiovascular fitness leading to increased weight loss.


All patients to Paws 2 Water Hydrotherapy Specialists require a referral from your Veterinary Surgeon, as required by the standards set by our registered body;

IRVAP (The institute of Veterinary & Animal Physiotherapists)

We aim to give you the confidence in complimentary therapies that work alongside medicine & surgery to give your dog the best possible acre and relief from pain. Your furry family member will also benefit from an increase in mental and physical well-being. We are all very passionate about providing the highest level of treatment and cared to your best friend and strive to produce the best results to improve their quality of life.

The Most powerful tool an owner has is knowledge.

Only then can you provide the right care & quality of life to your dog.

So don't wait...Bring those Paws to Water!

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