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The Benefits

The benefits of this fantastic, natural and non invasive therapy are well documented and result from the properties of water and the heat of the water, which is a theraputic 30-32'C.

The heat is what can provide pain relief, increase profusion of blood to healing tissues and increased flexibilty.

The heated underwater treadmill provides an array of key benefits which include:

1. Variable weight-bearing environment

2. Controlled exercise

3. Can re-educate gait unlike swimming

4. Increases range of motion of joints

5. Evidence of limb usage at an earlier stage pf recovery

6. Earlier return to land activities

7. Enables specific problem areas to be targeted

8. enables therapists to detect any possible negative changes early and refer back to vet for early intervention.


Benefits to patients

* Relief from pain, swelling & stiffness

* Increased range of joint motion

* Increased recovery time

* Improved cardiovascular fitness

* Increased  muscle function/ strength/ tone & mass

* Gait modification & increase proprioception

* Improves lymphatic & circulatory systems

* Increase sensory feedback & reaction times

* improves balance and core strength

* Alleviate muscle spams

* Improved mental stimulation

& quality of life

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