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Who needs Hydrotherapy?

Any dog with a Veterinary consent signature (referral form) can participate in hydrotherapy. A fit dog with no underlying health issues may wish to use the underwater treadmill to maintain or increase fitness, whether that is for competition, working or high energy levels.


 Veterinary Surgeons and specialists are referring to hydrotherapy increasing within their treatment programmes. They have seen it is non evasive and has highly effective results that compliment their rehabilitation cases, often reducing recovery time. Evolution of the therapy has now progressed to a very safe and controlled hydrotherapy environment within the aquatic treadmill.

Splash of Water

What can we treat?

Friendly Knowledgeable staff who obviously care about what they do and know their stuff! Everything is clean and well thought out so that dogs are put at ease. I'd never tried hydrotherapy before but it's really helped my dogs' joints and he's springing around like a puppy again! Thank you

Naomi with Ripley

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